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Divine Mother Hugs

In this new paradigm, you don't have to keep doing things repeatedly forever. There should come a day when you stop receiving Divine Openings and just go within--tap into your Large Self and feel good.

The usual Divine Opening has an “accelerating” effect as you are awakened, so you want to accelerate only as fast as you can release resistance to the your expansion. In other words, if you’re still resisting feelings and not letting go, that resistance is like having your foot on the brake with the other foot on the accelerator. You'll burn up your engine and your brakes! First release resistance, then accelerate a bit more.

In practical terms, to release big resistance: read the book, actually do the easy, fun activities and practices, and have Divine Mother Hugs. I created this page so you can receive a Divine Mother Hug if you can't receive one in person.

Relax, let go, and catch up with the acceleration you already have going. Have more fun, and make sure Divine Openings hasn’t become work. It's all too easy to drag the old "working on yourself" paradigm into Divine Openings and dilute it.

Take steps toward your heart's desires, do what you're guided to do instead of holding back, do the activities in the book rather than just reading.

There are several reasons to receive the Divine Mother Hug at the bottom of this page:
-- A Divine Mother Hug doesn’t accelerate energy. You receive powerful Grace without the accelerating effects of a Divine Opening.
-- To soften, soothe, relax you, and feel nurtured and loved.
-- To release resistance.
-- It slows you down yet helps you catch up with the acceleration that's already happened.
-- It's good when you're too revved up. It grounds you.

-- You don't have to wait any time between Divine Mother Hugs. You can have as many as you want, since there's no acceleration.

Eventually, you stop receiving Divine Openings. (Lola never receives them anymore.) You're awake. You just tap into and be your deepest Self, which is the intended result of Divine Openings. Once you can tap in very powerfully on your own, you might never receive another formal Divine Opening.



Your Divine Mother Hug